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There are many ways to earn money fast in the internet; this is one of them. Points2Shop is a free website where you can earn points and use those points to buy items on Amazon. The best thing about Points2Shop is that it is scam-free.

1:  Register at Points2Shop. Go to the sign up button and create an account. 13+ can join with parents approval, and 18+ do not need any approval. Do not register if you already have an account on Cashle.

2 : Check your message. It will give you a basic outline of what Points2Shop is about and how do you earn points. You can also ask your referrer for questions.

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3 : Get started! You're probably ready to earn some points, so watch the Points2Shop Introduction Video. After you watched the video, you should have earn your 5 points.

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4 : Start your daily activities. These are the activities that you are going to be doing everyday to get points. The activities are: SOOP, Click Offers, PeanutLabs, RadiumOne, Sponsorpay, and SupersonicAds. There are many other activities like surveys and tasks, but they are not recommended since they are either hard or they take too long. What you're going to do in your daily activities is watch videos. Here is how you do it.

  • Activity #1: In SOOP, all you have to is click a button to get 5 points.
  • Activity #2: In Click Offers, you'll go on the Call of Duty website and click on one of the recent threads to get a point. Then you watch a Call of Duty video to get a point.
  • Activity #3: In PeanutLabs, scroll down the list until you spot a video. After you watch the video, keep watching other videos until you watched all of the videos. Refresh the page and repeat the step until there are no videos left.
  • Activity #4: In RadiumOne, you do the same steps as PeanutLabs.
  • Activity #5: In Sponsorpay, you go to the video tab and do the same steps as PeanutLabs and RadiumOne.
  • Activity #6: In SupersonicAds, you go to the videos tab and do the same steps as PeanutLabs, RadiumOne, and Sponsorpay.

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 5: You're not done yet, there's one more activity to do. There's this special activity called Manual Offer. You get a lot of manual offer whenever your Honour Level increases. When a user gets a new Honour Level, they get access to new features and offers. To increase your Honour Level, you must meet a certain requirement. For example, if you just joined Points2Shop, you're rank is probably New. To get to Bronze, you must verify your address and purchase an item.

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6 : Spin the wheel. When you completed an offer, you probably encountered a wheel where you will need to spin. When you spin the wheel, you have a chance to win something. For example, you could win a sweepstakes. You can use the ticket to enter the current sweepstakes. If you win the sweepstakes, you will earn a reward. There's also other stuff to do, like contests, game, and even a lottery.

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7 : Get a Referral! A referral is a person who has clicked on your link to register on a website. Referrals can help you get money, because a percentage of their offer earnings go to you! Try to put your referral link on your blog or on your social networking profile. When a referral gets a referral, you get a smaller percentage of that money. The money varies depending on where the referral lives. Also, if you get a certain amount of referrals, you can get the Honour Level promoter.

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8 :  Buy an item! Why don't you get yourself a starter item? Go to Spend Points and to Low-Cost Rewards. Go to Pop Rocks and click Add to Cart. On the additional details, pick your flavor: Strawberry, Tropical Punch, or Watermelon. You should get your first order soon, and your rank should be updated.

 Make Money on Points2Shop Step 8.jpg

9 :  You learned everything about Points2Shop! If you have any other questions, just post in the forums or chat in the shoutbox. Try not to post a lot in the forums, because once you're banned, there's no way you're going to make another account.

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