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Note: Activity on the site almost daily between 45 Minutes to an hour of your time is.
How to work and general site:

In the beginning, I have read that this is a completely different site were clicking in that this site do a certain amount of advertising 0.0005 Up to 1000 Dollars in the fall.

Maybe with yourself about how such a thing possible?

In answer to this, I have a very different way to earn money on the Internet is there, in a type of investment is . If you were on the job site must score points and the ability to become dollar, The privilege against 0.0005 Dollar Is. This site is a site that for every ad 100 Dan dollars, the sky is different to.

This site is for higher income it needs to earn more points.

  • Points, what you eat?

Scores ability to become a real money so that you earn, you get ads and get money by viewing ads. The more points you have, the more money you business.

  • What are points?

To earn daily to your site 16 Advertise with value 25 Ten points (BAP website are registered marks)Means that the site you daily 400 Ten points, with 400 accounts×0.0005= 0.20 Your daily 20 St. income you get. So turn yourself is to increase the scale scores.

  • How to increase your score?

To gain points you can through the free ads website is the tone of daily Zarh 400 Scores, but the site also has adopted an investment method, so that your advertising package with benefits 55 Percent of the purchase, the purchase for each package 1 You will get about $ 1.55 USD.

Note: Amtyaztan The more you climb higher income groups are more.

Sites to earn higher incomes, depending on individual points, the group has:

Group 1 — to 1600 to 12000 BAP
Group 2 — to 12000 to 24000 BAP
Group 3 — to 24k to 48k BAP
Group 4 — to 48k to 96k BAP
Group 5 — to 96k to 180k BAP
Group 6 — to 180k to 360k BAP
Group 7 — to 360k to 720k BAP
Group 8 — to 720k to 1.5m BAP
Group 9 — to 1.5m to 3m BAP
Group 10 — to 6m to 20m BAP
Group 12 — to 20,000,000+ BAP
Group 13 — to 50,000,000+ BAP
Group 14 — to 100,000,000+ BAP

  • How long it takes to get benefits?

advertising and content on this site is not known, because it might last a week or two, or it may last up to a month to arrive.

Ok so now you know where to go home and work Reem know how to register with the site and tricks to earn more sites:

1- Sign up (Buy tickets brought Welfare):

First of all, get registered to comment :
All registration information you enter To save True because the harvest will be needed.(Specifically, date of birth recorded in the website can not be modified because the most).

To visit the site and sign up here Click.

2- An introduction to the main page of the site:

To begin with a brief explanation of the tail section of the site :

1- Your balance. . Click here for a withdrawal request must.
2- Username is your personal page . Your membership profile shows.
3- About how the site is described.
4- Frequently Asked Questions: Carefully read, maybe your question has already been answered.
5- Associated with the management of the site is a link to the forum.
6- And purchased by your promotional displays.
7- Purchase advertising: Important to increase the rating . Detail later in this section explain why It's the principle of promotion !
8- The number of daily promotions, which must be seen.
9- Harvest inventory.
10- Gaming or gambling: Fee will be deducted from your score.
11- Subset of
12- My Account:

1. Bonus Ad Points Log :
Report, the amount of BAP

2. Balance History :
History of You

3. Ad Filter :
Filter the advertising spending 10 What is the dollar value you can determine what ads to display . Note that the value should not be too high compared to the group in which your ads are limited and if you do filter 90 Traditionally, you would lose a lot of advertising. I think it best to start a tradition or the 0.01 Dollars.

4. Super User Upgrade :
Upgrade super user, in this section, there are two incentive packages .
Small upgrade : The cost 2.99 Dollars in the next seven days you 1% The value of all the ads that are worth less than 50 Tradition and it'll be made.
Major upgrade : The cost 19.99 Dollars in the next seven days 1% The value of all the ads 50 Tradition, if made, will receive.

5. Vacation Mode :
As you've noticed that your account and every day life on a day to be increasing BAP . So if you are planning a vacation or a few days you can not get a job site, with the obligatory 2 Dollar freeze your account and then back again to activate.

6. Referral Commission Log :
You will receive your commission report subset

7. Cashout History :
History of harvest, the harvest is somewhat different in that site that will explain in detail later. . Note that the date of birth on the site already registered, you will be required to withdraw !!!

8. Pending Cashuts :
Deferred impressions

9. Account Data :
Your account data and settings

10. Email Setting :
Email Settings

11. Public Profile :
Your Public Profile

12- System Status
13- Latest News
14- Exit

3- Starting and maintaining an active account.:

After registration, To start And activation before earning Should Do one thing every day.:

Members home page on the screen VIEW PAID ADS And then clicking on ads 25 Patent (view activation ad ) Click for Each Day 400 Each rating should be free 16 Propaganda view activation ad Click .(Each activation ad also 25 BAP will give you).

To click on ads must follow these steps::

Then click on view activation ad :

After the above steps, you enter the page advertising site:

Then click Proceed to Advertisers Website Mark Green Proceed to Advertisers Website Turns and you can see the ad content.

Then we wait for the second count, which is about 30 Takes seconds, then enter text in the image and click the Confirm button that appears after the second click, we.

Before we get any BAP equals 0.0005$ Promotion and also activation ad = 25 BAP = 0.0125$ After 16 Promoting high-level view 400 BAP Receive a totally free which means the total number of ads with prices 0.2$ Is.

As a result, for active / active holding account and receive paidverts 400 BAP free, every day 16 See the ad.

Note: These ads are free points, and if you do not have them, just a 20 See them once a day until your account is still active.

Of any paid advertising you see, as much as one percent to the buyer paid advertisers clamp.

4- Advertising money:

Then Later real ads Or get paid advertisements for observing receive. Click on the paid ads Advertising money to see and click “view bonus ad” You see the ads and the money will be added to your balance.
First, the price will be lower advertising and amount 0.2$ Advertisers will see the day. But gradually, with increasing BAP Advertise with higher prices will.

Note: Paid advertising for at least 1600 Be rating.

Note: Note that every day after receipt of payment ads only 18 All you have to click on them, otherwise you will be advertising panel.

Note: Per ad money that comes to your advertising dollar amount divided by the 0.0005 Your rate will be reduced from.

In other words, for each dollar 3100 You get points for each 1 Dollar, you get an ad 2000 Points will be deducted from your.

First picture of paid advertising:

The image below is an account of a higher rating :

And again points:

And again points :

And higher and higher:

And higher and higher:

And higher and higher:

5- Get more promotion of higher prices:

So the main question, How BAP Or points to a number of advertisers with higher prices Increase We?

1- Promo pack for the price of one dollar (Investment):
By buying this package in addition to your ad 3100 BAP You get a 250 Visitors to your Website (I did the same copy) + Depending receive a banner ad.

Note: To purchase advertising dollar package by clicking on the button on the toolbar next to the site Buy Ads (YOUR NAVIGATION) Click Next and finally click on the Bulk Ads CREATE CAMPAIGN You can buy a package of advertising

Note: If you do not have a web site to promote or advertise'm grateful that I have the address of the website you can free join and enter your referral link:


Note: For the first time necessary to complete the look that all options (If you do not want to use the blank banner) But the next time you can just advertising the option Re-use campaign that made use of only the rapidly growing and decelerating.

Note: To charge and buy the first CASHIER Part or Cashout Earnings charge your account and then use the Buy Ads buys To.

Benefits promotional package summary:
Receipt 3100 Points equal to the 1.55 Paid advertising dollars
25 Show banner 728*90
100 Show banner 125*125
50 Visit 30 Seconds from your site

2- Help buying a promotional package:

1. Enter the website URL you’d like to promote:
Enter the URL for viewing by site users

2. Upload your 125*125 Banner Image:
Insert a small banner size 125 x 125.

3. Upload your 728*90 Banner Image:
Importing large banner size 728*90.

4. Enter three lines of text about your business.
A brief description of the three columns blank for your own site by introducing.

5. Enter your payment method:

6. Quantity Selection:
The most important part is that you only need to buy a small box inside which the number of packets rating 1 or more and then click enter.

Finally, click on Options and Purchase AD.

6- Investment in the site:

1. You also have to re-invest Balance Balance Score yourself, you can increase.
2. You through the site is intended as Perfect Money account, PayPal … You can customize the amount charged to your account and then try to buy a pack of dollar with paypal.

Note: Remember this site:

Advertise with BAP and price points or more = more ads

Note: Never forget the games site not to waste Amtyaztvn !!!

Note: 10 Up to 12 The day takes you next go to a dollar invested approximately Azsrmayh 3 Up to 5 Takes to earn a dollar a day, invest and deal with it quickly, and the cartoon will continue to buy advertising package Amtyaztvn scale to go up, what more can you your daily income lamb higher Amtyaztvn.

7- Harvest accounts (Cashout):

After reaching the minimum withdrawal 1 Cashout Earnings to get the money you get from the dollar menu.. Pay a maximum of 7 Up to 10 Day will be.

Note: If the above groups can get something about 70 Percent of your daily earnings to buy upgrades and stay in your own propaganda about 30 Much of the remainder of it as your profit out of your site

8- Advantages and disadvantages of the site Paidverts briefly :

  • Site by an experienced and credible management and collection mytrafficvalue
  • With current username and password, you can set the other sites that mytrafficvalue Sign in and pay for the purchase and sale of shares.
  • The new model of marketing, design and unique script.
  • Opening on March Sites 31, 2014 Manager Jo Cook
  • BAP have to pay any amount that advertisers receive . (The BAP is equal to the 0.0005$ Propaganda).
  • Receipt 16 Propaganda Daily points Equivalent 400 Free BAP worth 0.2$ Click on the advertising concession.
  • Paid advertising for at least 1600 Be rating.
  • Receipt 1.55 Ad dollars per 1 Dollar (Time is the amount of advertising).
  • Every day after receipt of payment ads only 18 All you have to click on them
  • The minimum withdrawal 1 USD to Perfect Money account , Agupy , Paypal and …
  • This site is not hype! So do not be unreasonable to expect a profit, but it is not normal click.

9- Description Persian section of the site:

recycle Ads = Remove ads
Buy Ads = Purchase advertising
My Ad Campaigns = Find your purchase advertising
Paid Ads = The observation of money and points promotions
Cashout Earnings Episode withdrawals (Deposit and receive operations)
Ad Filter = Limit the amount received promotions ( Enable this option with pay is)
Vacation Mode = If you have high points and some days are better able to click on the ads for you not to buy Vacation
( Enable this option with pay Hzynst)
Add Funds = Deposit site
Cashout = Withdraw money from the site
Games = Game Site
Daily BAP Tax = Tax will be deducted daily from all.

9- How to withdraw from the site:

To withdraw from the account, the account link at the cashier and enter the dollar faces (Agvpy or Perfect Money)

Then go back to the beginning Paypal Cashout to Perfect or Agvpy (Your account) Enter and confirm the change and the date Tvldtvn (Submit) To.

The previous section when you click on Cashout Perfect. Perfect for the ultimate recovery of the account will be transferred to the next page as shown below:

After reaching the minimum withdrawal 1 Cashout Earnings to get the money you get from the dollar menu.. Payments between 7 Up to 10 Day will be.
(Often less than two days after deposit)
In addition, the 5.50% + $0.25 The charges were withdrawn from Perfect

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