21 September 2014

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Salam Sejahtera rakan2 . Disini saya ingin memperkenalkan program jana wang yang semakin HOT di internet iaitu Paidverts sama konsep seperti Neobux, Grandbux, Eaglebux, Payadoo, Buxvertise, Cupbux, Adcycle dan antara PTC yang lain tetapi program ini berbeza dari segi cara penyampaian dan pendapatan lebih cepat berbanding Neobux dan seperti PTC yang lain…Tak perlu tunggu lama sampai berbulan-bulan nak tunggu hasilnya…tak perlu bergantung kepada konsep Referral….Anda bebas melakukannya tanpa perlu bantuan referral malah adanya Referral adalah BONUS bagi anda…Kenapa saya kata begitu…sebab saya dah kaji dan teliti keberkesanan program ini untuk jangka panjang kerana pemilik program ini adalah daripada MY Traffic Value yang telah berkecimpung dalam industri ini dan membayar kepada pengguna sejak 2010 lagi… Terbukti program ini mampu menjana wang anda secara online dengan mudah…

Bagaimana anda boleh jana wang melalui Paidverts
- Paidverts berkonsepkan “Proven Valuable Users” bermaksud hanya pengguna yang berdaftar yang terbukti sahaja yang layak menerima insentif daripada pengiklan. Maksudnya setiap hari kita perlu mengklik “Activation ads” untuk membuktikan anda adalah Proven Valuable User.. Dengan ini anda layak untuk klik iklan yang dipamerkan.

- Berkonsepkan “Bonus Ads Point (BAP)”… Urus niaga dalam Paidverts menggunakan konsep ini….bermaksud 1 BAP bersamaan dengan 0.0005 usd…bermaksud semakin banyak BAP point anda ada semakin tinggi duit yang anda jana…

Layari http://sh.st/umSVR untuk maklumat lanjut atau tinggalkan email..saya akan emel anda info....Sertai rangkaian saya..saya akan bantu anda sampai anda dapat jana wang melalu Paidverts....BUKAN SCAMMING PROGRA....

Link untuk mendaftar....

Invest using my paidverts balance   Go to http://paidverts.com/member/cashier.html then transfer you balance to Mytrafficvalue (MTV) http://mytrafficvalue.com . After the transfer you can now invest it. 


I hope you'll check on the other opportunity..You can do this at your own time and place.
(Note: You need a computer and internet)

Here is quick step-by-step for new users:
Step 1: After you login - click on an "Activation Ad" - this will give you 100 Bonus Ad Points (BAP).
Step 2: Throughout the day click on the "Paid Ads" page: - where you will find paid ads. With each paid ad you receive your Bonus Ad Points will reduce and you'll keep receiving paid ads until you run out of BAP.
Step 3: Click on another activation ad again, to get more BAP. And receive more paid ads!
Step 4: Buy an ad campaign:  - every dollar you spend will give you 50 visits to your website, and also add 3100 BAP to your account! Which will deliver $1.55 worth of paid ads to your account ASAP.

PaidVerts Tips:

1) Keep your account active!

Only active accounts receive paid ads. You can view 'activation ads' from your members main page at any time.
Every activation ad you view adds 7 days of active status to your account + 100 Bonus Ad Points (BAP)!

- View multiple activation ads all at once, to accumulate BAP, and activate your account well in advance.
- If your account goes inactive, you can re-activate it at any time. And pick up exactly where you left off!
- If you're going on holiday, let your account go inactive! This will save your Bonus Ad Points from being consumed by ads that you don't click on.
As remember, you only have 18 hours to click on each ad that's delivered to you, or it'll be recycled and given to somebody else!

2) Refer Friends!

Why do all the work, when you can get others to do it for you!
You'll earn 10% of every ad purchase your friends make, as well as 10% of the value of every click your referrals make!
So if they view a $10 ad, you'll earn $1 commission for doing absolutely nothing.
To refer friends just give them your referral link.

3) Bonus Ad Points (BAP) are the key to making loads of money with PaidVerts.
These are how we distinguish freebie junk traffic, from the valuable users that advertisers are interested in communicating with.
Read our FAQ to learn how to earn more Bonus Ad Points.

4) Advertise with PaidVerts! Our communication rocks!

For every dollar spent on our Bulk Ad Packs, you get:

- 50 visits to your website for 30 seconds, after the user has typed out your three main selling points in captcha form. So they're primed and know what they're looking for even before arriving at your website.
- 100 banner impressions of our 125*125 px banner rotator
- 25 exclusive top of page banner impressions for our 728*90 banners
- And we even throw in 3100 Bonus Ad Points for your account! Thats $1.55 worth of paid ads that'll be delivered to your account ASAP!

Basically, if you decide to purchase ad packs you will be able to earn from them but only if you will click on paid ads which will be delivered to your account.

5) invest using my paidverts balance
Go to http://www.mytrafficvalue.com then transfer you balance to Mytrafficvalue (MTV) http://mytrafficvalue.com . After the transfer you can now invest it. The best recommended invest from your money at paidvert account, and buy profit share at Traffic value..by my experience, 1 unit will grow to $5.. Now that 1 unit just $ 0.7 and that will grow faster.. you can invest and get weekly dividen grow your income.




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