06 Mei 2014

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What is bidroop?
bidroop is an international online platform, where everybody can build a crowd and profit from it. A crowd is built simply by inviting friends. These friends invite some friends of their own and so this quickly builds up and results in a pretty massive collections of friends and "friends of friends".

Later at release level 3 - the profit level - you will earn money with your crowd. There will be 2 ways to earn money with your crowd: An active and a passive way. Best thing: its for free - well, sort of: You will have to invest time and love. Only this way bidroop will reward you with money from your crowd. The bigger your crowd is, the more you will earn from it.
Earn money with bidroop
What are the bidroop levels? We decided to launch bidroop in 4 levels: Start (1st level), Build (2nd level), Profit (3rd level), Scale (4th level). As long as we are in the beta phase Start & Build is available. Meanwhile we are developing and optimizing the Profit & Scale levels. In the Start level you will get introduced to bidroop, you will complete your registration and earn platform activity points. As soon as you reach the Build level, you can start to build your crowd right away. As soon as Level 3 & 4 are released, you will profit from your crowd and get several options to "scale up" your income. For Any More FAQ: Visit Bidroop.com BIDROOP is now at Beta Stage,so you can register using Invitiation Codes... Here are 6 codes for first five members : Earn money with Bidroop "kyVWdi36" "Lwwuv2T2" "nw37SFWR" "45P50Xux" "FappfsVa" "V9SB6qY6" Why Waiting go to "BIDROOP.COM" and enter codes Start Earning,Best of Luck.......Better you leave a Comment if you were successful with the code :) AltusFund.com

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  1. The method seems to be great how much much we can earn in a period of one month? Is this site the alternative for real time jobs?

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  2. Great opportunity at no cost rush for bidroop. This is the most easiest methods you can choose to Make Money Online. So go for it.

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